Showcard Stunt

Showcard Stunt

Typeface Extension
Jesse Ragan

Typeface Design
(Original Sign Painter Showcard)

Ken Barber,
House Industries

Peter Dombrezian,
Photo-Lettering, Inc.

Licensing Availability
House Industries


House Industries called on me to design lowercase and extended characters to complement their all-capitals Sign Painter Showcard typeface. The new-and-improved Showcard Stunt translates the warmth and spontaneity of hand lettering into digital form, drawing inspiration from the work of Peter Dombrezian, designer of 1950s powerhouse Dom Casual.

Available for retail licensing from House Industries.

Below: Sample headlines; John Downer’s hand-painted rendition of Showcard Stunt, bringing the typeface full circle (photographed by Carlos Alejandro)

Showcard waterfall
Showcard stunt promo