Ruzicka Collection

Ruzicka Collection

Typeface Design
Jesse Ragan

Original Alphabets
Rudolph Ruzicka

Rudolph Ruzicka’s 1968 portfolio Studies in Type Design showcases ten of his alphabets that never became full typefaces—until now.

I am currently undertaking the revival of these concepts into digital typefaces. The puzzle in this project is to honor Ruzicka’s intentions, while making necessary changes, adding new weights, and drawing missing glyphs.

First up: this angular but soft serif design, with a decidedly Czech-American aesthetic that shines in both display and text settings. Dartmouth College is already using a customized version for their new identity system, and the full type family will be publicly available from XYZ Type.

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Below: samples of the first typeface; photos of Studies in Type Design (1968); a comparison of source and revival

Ruzicka titles
Ruzicka photo array
Ruzicka revival comparison
Ruzicka character set