Lettering Design
Jesse Ragan

Art Direction
Bobby Martin,
OCD Agency

Dartmouth College


I designed Dartmouth College’s new logotype and typeface, as a part of OCD Agency’s overhaul of their identity system. Both typographic elements are based on alphabets created by Rudolph Ruzicka in the late 1960s, when he had a close relationship with the university.

The logotype is modeled after Ruzicka’s design for the Dartmouth College Bicentennial Medal, an alphabet later featured in his book Studies in Type Design. My streamlined reinterpretation of this source carries a distinctive voice through a broad range of applications.

The typeface, Dartmouth Ruzicka, is customized from an upcoming release in my Ruzicka Collection. Its rustic quirks provide a counterpoint to the austere capitals of the logotype.

See the full branding system on OCD’s site
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Below: components of the identity system; the Dartmouth Bicentennial Medal (1969); a comparison of Ruzicka’s painted lettering sample to the digital logotype; the identity system in action

Dartmouth brand assets
Dartmouth Bicentennial Medal
Dartmouth R comparison
Dartmouth in use