Beautiful Bitmaps

Beautiful Bitmaps

Lettering Design
Jesse Ragan

Photography Assistance
Desmond Wong

Uppercase Magazine


Uppercase magazine invited me and twenty-five other designers each to contribute one letter to their “Beautiful Bitmaps” alphabet. I submitted the photograph below for the letter E. The full alphabet appears in Uppercase issue 15 and on their website. Prints of my piece are available for purchase from Society6.

As a typeface designer, I constantly struggle to coax warmth from the strictures of digital drawings—a challenge which reaches its extreme on a low-resolution bitmap grid. Here, the light filtering through a window parallels pixels on a screen, but natural shadow distortion softens the cold grid of my letterforms.

Below: my photograph as it appears in Uppercase magazine; brainstorming sketches; outtakes from the photo shoot

Beautiful bitmaps photo
Beautiful Bitmaps sketches
Beautiful Bitmaps outtakes